To our community,

Your health and safety continue to be our top priority. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has changed the international landscape, and as we return to some semblance of normalcy, we want to assure you that we will continue to follow all CDC-recommended safety protocols.

You can expect to see the following safety precautions at all Ultimate Driving Experience and M Track Days events moving forward:
1.    Wash stations, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes and contactless sanitizer stations will be widely available at multiple touchpoints. 
2.    Vehicle interiors will be wiped down between sessions and regularly throughout the day. We will also only allow one guest in a vehicle at a time. This precaution may result in increased wait times between events, so please be patient as we work to create a safe environment for all of our attendees and staff. 
3.    Space will be made for everyone to respect social-distancing guidelines. Additional signage will be placed on-site to indicate the proper distance to keep, and we will require all guests to approach counters one at a time. All staff members and drivers will do their best to practice social distancing, remaining six feet apart when possible. We ask that attendees do the same. 
4.    Registration and check-in will be contactless. Guests will sign waivers and perform license captures as part of the preregistration process, while walk-up attendees will be asked to register on their personal devices.
5.    For M Track Days, all food and drinks will be prepackaged and served in an open area to increase the space between attendees and reduce close contact between attendees and staff.
6.    BMW staff and attendees will wear face masks at all times to prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus. Staff will also be required to use gloves at all times. Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer will be available at the event for guests to use. 
7.    Before entering the event, all attendees must go through a pre-screening process which includes temperature checks and answering a series of COVID-19 related questions. You will be unable to attend the event if you have a temperature of 100.4 or above. You will be unable to attend the event if you answer yes to any of the questions below:
  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19? Yes or no
  • Within the last 14 days, have you experienced any fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other flu-like symptoms? Yes or no
  • Have you had any close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days? Yes or no
  • Would you self-identify as an individual at high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19 as defined by the CDC? Yes or no
  • Are you the caregiver for an individual at high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19 as defined by the CDC? Yes or no
8.    BMW staff will be pre-screened on a daily basis and regularly monitored for COVID-19 symptoms. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to 
contact us at (844) 793-3898.

Stay safe and get ready to experience the full power of BMW.